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Hey Space Pirates, I've made a few changes on the site, and I have… - RoMak & The Space Pirates [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Nov. 4th, 2004|02:55 pm]
RoMak & The Space Pirates Fans


Hey Space Pirates, I've made a few changes on the site, and I have some news. While we get a lot of people coming through here, not a lot of you come back! I haven't recieved any feedback on why not, but here's what I'm doing to help. The news here will be updated MUCH more frequently with information on things happening with the band. While the MySpace profile is pretty active, it will be this site where you can get the latest and greatest news. Also, the way the news archives work has changed, it's now in a pop-up. Only (slight) catch is archived news will have the HTML links stripped off.

On to NEW info. The Halloween show was a blast, sorry to the kid I landed on when I jumped off the stage. How'd you guys like that rendition of Robin Williams? As those of you who went saw, we now have shirts, but what you didn't see is what came in the next day... the babydoll girls shirts! These look hot and we'll be offering both online soon. Print out a form, send it in with moola, or use our handy credit card processing system. We'll have this up by Friday. Oh and uh, expect to see lots more pictures, VIDEO, and other special stuff after the weekend! Take care.